Friday, December 01, 2006

West Australian number plates

When I first came to Perth, number plates were only 6 places long. And they came in the combination Number-Letter-Letter-Number-Number-Number, e.g., 1AA345.

Then we finally had enough cars to have THREE letters after the first number, and bets were on as to whether they would have words like "ARS" and "ASS". "No way," I was told, "they wouldn't let rude words be used."

Well, they have. I've seen them, I just don't have any photographic evidence at the moment. However, if I do see any ARSes and ASSes, and I'm not in a moving car and need to have both hands on the wheel, you can be sure that I'll take a picture.

But here's something that's nearly as good:

I know it's sad, but I actually think this is funny.