Monday, December 11, 2006

We're gonna bowl, bowl, bowl, bowl, bowl - tonight!

If you haven't seen Grease 2 and heard that song, you don't know what you're missing, along with a very young Michelle Pfeiffer, and an unforgettable song about reproduction ("I don't think I even know what a pistil is!")

MFC and I went glow-bowling with friends last Saturday night. We went to Fairlanes City Bowl, on Adelaide Terrace in the city. I didn't even know it existed! Apparently it's quite a Perth institution. We went there at the invitation of MFC's friend, C, who is a patron. C wanted to organise one last hurrah there before they closed down.

I only just found out about it, and now they're closing down! :(

Basically that part of Perth is just prime real estate, and they're going to knock it down and build luxury apartments. Seriously, I don't know how many more luxury apartments we can have in the city. Soon every structure will be luxury apartments, and there will be nothing to do on the weekends except break into each other's luxury apartments to steal tap fittings and Corian benchtops.

We were to meet C, his lovely girlfriend L (the girl is a knockout), her brother B, and some of C's friends in the lobby. While we were waiting for everyone to rock up we played some rounds of a shooting game very much like Time Crisis. I kept losing points for accidentally shooting my team-mate, but MFC got the highest score (seriously, he is good at everything. He even looks better in makeup than I do. What a ba$tard!)

I got a very good impression of Fairlanes. There's ample free parking underneath, it's clean and air-conditioned, and they were playing Justin Timberlake at dance volume but not-too-loud-for-talking volume when we got there. It was dark, but the pins and lanes were lit up, and they were playing movies on a projector (sans sound). The guy kept announcing "Lane [insert number], a dollar for the strike!" Apparently, if you got a set with a coloured pin in the front, and you made a strike, they would pay you a dollar. Whee! Free money!

It cost $19.90 for two games and shoe hire. I threw some gutter balls the first couple of times, and they had to ask the guy to come and put the rails up - teehee. After that MFC showed me what to do, and I got a bit more confident and bowled 97 in my first game, and 98 in my second. No strikes though. Oh, and on one occasion I dropped the ball on the backswing and it started rolling behind me towards the score table. Hilarity all around.

After the first game I noticed a pain in my thumb. What I didn't know beforehand was that bowling plays havoc on your nails and the ball had torn some of my thumbnail off. It was painful and kept catching on things, and no one had anything sharp at hand. Finally MFC bit off the end of the nail for me. Isn't he the sweetest? ;)

The surprise player of the night was B, C's girlfriend's little brother. In his first game he bowled something like 6 or 7 strikes, and 5 strikes in a row in his second game. And he'd never played before! I think he ended up with a 170 average or something crazy like that.

My balls seemed to keep veering off to the left even though I was sure they were leaving my arm at a straight trajectory. Mind you, I often bump into pillars when I think I'm passing between them at a straight trajectory. I don't think I'd make a very good missile. I'd probably be the kind that the developed nations off-load to the poorer ones in return for cheap tennis balls and rubber shoes.

After bowling we went to The Moon in Northbridge for some late-night feeding. The food there is good but the service is terribly slow. MFC had some really good calamari and I ordered the pumpkin soup, which was delicious but came half an hour after everyone else's meals. L couldn't finish her burger and so MFC finished it off. He slept very badly. The next morning he had food poisoning and had to, erm, do some praying at the porcelain altar. I think it was the burger, because I'd eaten some of his meal and I was fine. Must ask C if L was indisposed on Sunday morning too. C says L was fine. Oh dear, I'm a little worried about MFC's tummy now.

Fairlanes City Bowl good. Go there for a fun night out before it's too late! Luxury apartments bad. Moon food good, service bad, also food maybe bad, because you may be crippled the next day.


Anonymous said...

The moon used to be one of my favourite late night hangouts, before I took up capo e.g. had lots of free nights. Great place, service really has gone to shit though. At least the meals are still a decent size.

The desert pizza sounds awesome, but in reality it's just a pizza base with chocolate sauce topping..... ripped off!

Sucks that that bowling place is closing, I've only been their once.

- RaZeR

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a good night minus the purging! Ben will probably never bowl as good as that againg. Much to the great annoyance of my very experienced buddies, my best game of golf was my first. I beat them all. I have never been able to replicate that score! It all started going down hill when I got lessons so I could learn to play 'properly'. All of a sudden there was a million and one things to remember just to hit the ball.
Re the luxury apartments. Many are just luxory shoe boxes with ridiculously high body corporete fees. When I was in Melbourne in March I did a bit of research. Some apartments were for sale below the 'off the plan' price they were sold at 10 years earlier. Lots of foreign students taking up residence 10 to a two bedroom apartment! Jaymez

Anonymous said...

oh noes!!! The moon is one of our favourite places to go at 2/3/4 am in the morning after a night out. The 'french fries' and turkish bread with dipping sauces really hit the spot, and the "afghan cookie surprise" is divine! What a shame that MFC was ill :( Will make me think twice about going there again :(.


an9ie said...

The food was pretty good, I thought the mince in the burger looked a little pink inside but I can't say for sure. Just stay away from the mince and pick stuff that they have to cook real good! Really crap service though, I can't believe I had to wait half an hour for soup. We also ordered some sauces (aioli and sweet chilli) and they never arrived. We'd finished eating all our fries anyway, so there wasn't any point.