Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sad times

The best thing about visiting blogs I like, is that they usually have links to blogs that they like. I get to visit these and discover more blogs that I like, and then I have to force myself to start picking and choosing so that I don't end up reading blogs and watching Grey's Anatomy all day.

The other week I found the blog of a lady who is an excellent amateur photographer. It's just a hobby for her, but she has a real gift. It always looks like she captured the right subject at the right time. It looks easy and spontaneous, like all she did was line up her camera, and that perfect shot just took care of itself. That's how you know her work is good.

I was reading her blog for the first time, and then came across a photograph of her little daughter in the shower. I consider it a sad sign of the times, that when I saw this photograph, my first thought was not: "Aw, that's a cute shot," but, "You've got to be kidding me! Lady, you can't just put photos of your kids in the shower up on the Internet! Argh! What if some sicko sees them and...Argh! I don't want to even think about it!"

I couldn't just rejoice at the simple beauty of the photograph. Instead I worried. Should people put photos like that up on the Internet?


tfp said...

I think it's up to people if they want to put up pics of their kids like that on the net, but they should be aware that there are people who will get their jollies (that's putting it mildly - I had more colourful phrases to use but decided not to) from such photos. If that thought doesn't bother the parents, then by all means, put the photos up. I think the problem though is that many people just don't think that potentially ANYONE could find their site - hence people are still getting dooced all the time (let alone the seedy stuff that goes on with their photos)!

an9ie said...

I suppose not many people are as paranoid as I am... :)