Thursday, December 07, 2006

Random Shopping-ness

Why yes, yes I AM enjoying my new camera. Can't you tell? :)

Here are some photos of interest from a shopping trip MFC and I took to Ikea (and other shops in the Osborne Park area) last Saturday.

The Ikea food shop at the end seems to have some nice grub, and a lot of stuff that looked familiar from my trips to Denmark.

Do you think that the Ikea customers in France find this funny? I did! Teeheehee!

ZOMG! I can't believe the treasure trove I found in Good Sammy's! When I was at Uni, Buffy was my god.

Seven years ago I would've creamed my pants when I saw these, but now I have them all on DVD, so...meh.

And a little green bug that was surfing on our windscreen. Photo taken when MFC saw me getting the camera out, and said, "You'll never get a clear picture of that!" HaHA! Challenge met, and triumphed over with my IXUS 60's super-duper Macro function, nyah! And that is not dirt on your monitor, my windscreen is just really, really filthy.