Monday, December 18, 2006

Grey's Anatomy backlogging

I've been working through my Grey's Anatomy backlog. I watched 2.12 to 2.18 yesterday, and two episodes made me cry (damn them!)


2.15 Break on Through, where Meredith resuscitates someone's Mummy, and then has to kill her the next day, because she's DNR. It was awful watching someone's mother die, because it makes you think of horrible "What if that happened to us?" situations. I'm pretty sure I would be a blubbering mess.

2.16 It's the End of the World, where they finally get the bomb out of the guy's chest, and everything looks like it's going to be OK. Meredith runs out into the corridor, stares after Hot Bomb Squad Leader/Kyle Chandler as he walks away in slow motion...and then he gets BLOWN UP.

NOOOOOOOOO!!! Not Hot Bomb Squad Leader Kyle! Oh, he was so very fine. And now he's very fine. Mist, in fact. Pink mist. Sigh.


The good news is, I still have plenty more episodes to watch over Christmas! Yay!