Friday, December 01, 2006

Conversations with my mother, Act 2

This afternoon I called Mum up to let her know I was coming over after work. As usual, she asked if I was hungry, and as usual, I said no, not wanting her to go to the trouble of cooking anything special. Therefore, as usual, I'll rock up and she'll have three meat dishes and seven vegetable dishes ready that are all "leftovers" or things she absolutely had to cook to make room in the fridge/use up before they expired.

She also mentioned she was cutting up a watermelon before it went past its use-by period, and then tangented (sometimes it's fun to make up words) off to say:
"Apparently some people ate some ready-cut pawpaw that they bought from a supermarket, and they got semolina."
Me: "Semolina?"
Mum: "You know, semolina?"
Me: "Isn't semolina a cereal?"
Mum: "Nooo... semolina - food poisoning."
Me: "Oh, you mean salmonella."
Mum: "Yah, semolina."