Friday, December 01, 2006

City Farm, East Perth

There's a place in East Perth called City Farm, next to Claisebrook train station.

It has lots of green, and some chickens. In fact, I think that's a chicken in the picture below, next to the plant with the green protective cover around its base.

And an organic market every Saturday, it seems. I think they sell some of the crops they grow there, but I'm not sure how being next to a train station works for organic food growing.

Very cool graffiti art on the walls though.

I wonder what the grey thing on the left is. Maybe a time capsule? I also like the little frog at the bottom, he looks friendly.

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Anonymous said...

can anyone tell an9ie has a new camera ;D

I know City Farm quite well; I've done some voluntary security work for some of their events and they are nice people - if you don't mind hippy's too much :P

- RaZeR