Friday, December 01, 2006

Boudoir photos - I finally booked them!

Just before my birthday (way back in July), I was complaining to MFC, and this blog about how I should take some photos before I get any less firm or hot with age. Do bear in mind that I was 29, on the cusp of 30, and approaching some kind of inner meltdown. Now that I'm actually here, I feel just great, because 30, it's a whole new beginning! I get to start again with the zeroes and ones!

So a friend organised a photography session with [name removed] (who is apparently very good and has won tons of awards) as a group birthday present.

Four months later, I've finally girded my loins and I gave [name removed] a ring. He sounded very calm on the phone, possibly even a little bit weary (I'm sure he's had to deal with many paranoid women over the years), but full of good suggestions about what to bring and wear. The sky's the limit, apparently, so I shall have to consult MFC about what he thinks would be good and go clothes and lingerie shopping, and change my waxing appointments to the day before (I love Diana, she does the best eyebrows). And pray. And keep an eye on the eyebrows and a firm hand on the tweezers, just in case something happens on Friday and Diana cancels. No, no, just keep praying, Angie. Everything will be fine.

Except that I have checked my diary and the week before the photo session is Christmas Party week, with a work Christmas breakfast on Tuesday and a work Christmas lunch the day after. I think I will have to cycle in lots next week, oh except I'm going to be house-sitting for my parents, in a suburb far, far away.

Just keep praying...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. YFC is a very lucky man :D

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

Thanks RaZeR!