Friday, November 17, 2006

There's a large vitamin stuck in my throat

...and it's kind of uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt. I'm not sure I like the thought of it fizzing away quietly in my voicebox as I sit here and type.

I got up this morning at 5:30am. No one made me, I wanted to. In fact, the night before I'd set my alarm for 6am. So I was kind of pleased that I didn't feel like ten kinds of crap but also kind of pissed off that I wasn't getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

I could feel the waves of tiredness crashing in as I got into the lift at work this morning, so, it should be interesting to see how the rest of the day goes, and how long I'll be able to stay awake at MFC's BELATED BIRTHDAY PARTY TONIGHT THAT HE ONLY TOLD ME ABOUT LAST WEEKEND.

I was more than a little annoyed when he told me his plans, because he hadn't given me much notice (not that he needed to, since it's his party, but as the girlfriend and High Priestess of Anal Retention I like to get involved and plan menus), and I was planning to make The Best Cake in the World for his birthday last month, except that he didn't get round to having a party then.

The Best Cake in the World was going to be in the shape of a house with little papier-maché figurines looking out of the house, walking up the path, and maybe even standing on the roof. It was going to have green icing and Lindt chocolate roof tiles, perhaps a little path made of Smarties and M&Ms (for the two-tone brown pebble effect). I was even going to make a piñata that looked like the devil from the Spinal Tap concert in The Simpsons. But there's no way I could have made those things with a week's notice on a Friday night after a full week/day of work. Grrr...

So I decided to make something else, and yesterday I finished work early and raced to my favourite store, Jackson's, to buy gouache and acrylics and air-drying clay (and brushes when I realised I'd left most of my art supplies at MFC's house last weekend). I wasn't intending to use the gouache on the clay, but I've always wanted to play with gouache, and it was cheap :)

The guy at the counter was really nice, he didn't mind answering my stupid questions about whether acrylics washed off in water (a total n00b question, I know), and what paint to use on the clay. He had shaggy long hair and a beard and a gentle face, and none of that snooty "I am an artiste and I am just doing this piddly little job until I get famous" thing going on, so if he works there regularly I shall look forward to going to Jackson's more often.

The something else I planned evolved a bit when the tray of brownies I made turned out lopsided. I'm not sure how. At first I was going to do the whole "J'accuse!" thing on my one 0f my housemates for putting the oven shelves in the wrong way round, but then double-checked (after accusing the housemate to his face anyway, heehee) and they weren't. Perhaps the rear portion of the oven rests in an extra dimension. ANYWAY...

...this is the only clue you'll get to the surprise I'm making for tonight.

Intrigued? I am too, because I don't get to glue them together till later. The clay STILL wasn't dry this morning but I painted it anyway. Two coats. I loved how I was so decisive and sure about mixing the colours and getting the consistency right, how I just knew that if I mixed a certain shade of green and a certain shade of yellow that they would turn out exactly like the colour of the ***** in the TV show (can't let the cat out of the bag yet :). How I knew exactly how moist my brush needed to be (that sounds dirty), and what size brush to use and what strokes to make. It felt so natural and easy. I wish I had that kind of certainty when it came to my job.

And hey, I know I'm waxing lyrical about a few blobs of paint and some clay, but it's a start in the right direction.

The other surprise will be if the acrylic paint I bought is of the toxic or non-toxic variety. Hmm, I'd better cut around the figures when I'm handing out cake.