Thursday, November 30, 2006

Red Rock Noodle Bar, Applecross

If you see this restaurant, run, run the other way! (I know that McDonald's lies the other way, but I really think it's a better option. And that's something I don't think very often.)

This review has been brewing for a while, but I thought I'd get it out there so no one else gets ripped off. The memory is still fresh in my mind--what a waste of money on such bland food. Oh, the pain! I can only imagine how much sushi from Taka's Kitchen we could have bought for the same amount of money.

As a South East Asian person, it never ceases to amaze me that you can go to a South East Asian restaurant, completely staffed by South East Asians, and find yourself eating unauthentic, unappetizing food. It makes me wonder if the chefs in the kitchen are just having you on while they make something edible for themselves.

MFC and I went here to grab a quick bite before a party, on the recommendation of a friend, and were not impressed. (This friend is never ever going to be trusted again re: eating out, BTW.)

Our experience began ominously, with the girl at the counter continually speaking over the top of MFC while he was placing his order, and then asking him to repeat himself. Perhaps it had been a slow day, and she was amusing herself by obfuscating customers. I asked for a Pad Thai and MFC ordered Duck Noodles.

When my Pad Thai arrived, it was soggy, and suspiciously resembled Hor Fun, which would have been fine if I had ordered Hor Fun, but I hadn't. 

I picked off the feather-light layer of vegetables and meat on top, and waded into the noodles looking for more protein, but was thwarted immediately. Then I had to meditate on whether I could eat that many plain, soggy noodles, or if I should go across the road and bring back a cheeseburger as a light garnish to improve the flavour.

MFC's meal took ages to arrive, and I had almost finished my meal when it finally came. 

I don't know what they had been doing with it in the kitchen, perhaps it got bored and fell asleep under a pile of newspapers, and they had to tear the kitchen apart looking for it. What - you don't think your dinner had a life before it arrived on your plate?

At first we thought we had been served the wrong dish because there was no duck visible on the plate, but then I bit into a meaty-tasting piece of string. Found it! It looked like the poor duck (or to be more accurate, 0.005% of the poor animal) had been shredded beyond recognition and sparsely distributed throughout the noodles.

We left pretty quickly after that.

"Let us never go there again," said MFC.

"And let us never take food advice from *** ever again," said I.

It's nice to agree on things.


Anonymous said...

Our experience there was almost identical! Jaymez

Anonymous said...

just when I was going to dig out the menu, thanks!! i'm having left over lasagna instead...