Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pancakes at Carillon

Alright, it's 11pm and the rhetoric and metaphors have been put to bed, people. If you've thought of visiting Pancakes at Carillon, here's what I found when I visited on Saturday afternoon. Aaaah, point form, so relaxing and unassuming.


  • All-day breakfast - good pancakes, whipped butter, and nice bacon. Mmm, bacon. Pancakes tasted like a slightly more wholesome version of McDonald's hot cakes.
  • Service - cheerful and polite.
  • Ambience - dingy inside, alternating dark corners with too bright areas under halogen spotlights. Table was still greasy even though it had been cleaned.
  • Seafood crepes - MFC ordered these, the two sauces on top looked like "pus" and apparently also tasted like it. Hey! I'm just paraphrasing here! Don't shoot the messenger! The inside was a fishy tasting paste with occasional small bits of seafood.
  • Salad - limp.
  • Banana pancakes were struck off the menu because they're expensive at the moment ($11 a kg), but they're still doing blueberry and raspberry pancakes?
  • Iced tea - did not taste like tea. I think they used some powdered or instant stuff. Just weird.
  • Lemon, lime and bitters - no lime.
  • Maple syrup - suspiciously watery.
Neutral ground/Switzerland:
  • Chicken crepes - a lot of white sauce. Good if you like white sauce, the friend who ordered them didn't. I like white sauce.
Verdict: I like hot cakes with bacon and maple syrup. But there are cheaper places to get them :)

P.S. MFC says "It's impossible to f*ck up bacon!"


tfp said...

I haven't eaten at Pancakes at Carillon for YEARS. I think back then I had some Mexican pancake, with a beef mince chilli filling. Was nice but maybe a little too rich.

They probably have no prob with blueberries and raspberries cos they use frozen?

Oh, you'll be surprised how some people manage to fsck up bacon! And when it happens, it's such a tragedy.

an9ie said...

Wow, really? I suppose undercooked bacon would be a bit of a tragedy.