Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I bit it off but can I chew it?

Right, I've had a few low, not to mention sian days this week, and decided that there is no point beyatching about still being part of the rat-race when I haven't done very much to further my dream of being a writer/illustrator/single-mum-of-three-living-it-up-on-the-dole.

So, in desperation, and blind hope that this will spur me on to finish those novels and practise my writing, I have decided to join not only National Blog Posting Month, but also... National Novel Writing Month! And by the skin of my teeth! Many thanks to Loobylu for the heads up on this or I would have missed out completely. Links to the websites for both events can be seen to the right.

For National Blog Posting Month, I have to post a blog every day, including weekends! Argh, if nothing it'll definitely get me thinking about deadlines.

And National Novel Writing Month? Well, I have two novels that I would really like to finish, but I'm not sure which one to use. Both are children's fantasy, the first one I really like, but I'm kind of stuck because I can't think of a good BIG villain (that isn't clich├ęd and used to death). The other has a fairly good villain and characters and a kind-of-there storyline, but I haven't visited it for a while, and it has a much lower word count. Still, maybe that's the one to go for while my mind subconsciously churns around the first one.

And really, if plot, character and theme-stealing crapola like Eragon can get published, I don't see why my own special brand of drivel can't strive for that golden ring as well. Of course, getting my parents to set up a publishing house may be a little difficult :p

Kudos to the home-schooled Paolini for actually finishing a novel in the first place, but, gah, I got it out of the library to see what all the fuss was about, and my mind kept going, "Stolen from Tolkien... Stolen from Feist... Stolen from McCaffrey... Oh, whoops, I've fallen asleep... Aye carumbabooba, is there nothing original in here??!?"

I did like the picture of the dragon on the front, however. He had a nice face. But now that I've read the book, I think the dragon on the cover deserves to be in a better story. In fact, the illustrator probably cried tears of shame and horror when they read the book, not unlike an oyster who's just found out that their best, biggest pearl has been made into a fake nipple for Paris Hilton's Halloween costume.

Ah well, time to cut down on the fun, now I have to write a blog a day AND get the word count up on novel #2. To the batcave!