Friday, November 10, 2006

Houseburning invite

Birthday: 8th November 2006
Method: MS Paint and Wacom tablet
Comment: We are finally having a housewarming party! I whipped this up quickly to put on the invite. Isn't he a happy house? He's fireproof and it's been a little cold and rainy these past two days.

As an aside, I really like playing with MS Paint. You can only undo 3 times, so you can't cheat or change your mind much, and you have to have some kind of plan (eek!) or blueprint ready in your head. It's very satisfying to just concentrate on shape and colour, and not worry about fine control or pressure or being fancy, like a kid drawing with a giant crayon. Of course I have to work on trying different mediums too, but most times it's nice to just grab the stylus and go "Wheee!" on a big square canvas.

I plan to start experimenting with Illustrator one day, because I want to know how to get those lovely clear sharp lines with the Pen tool. Anyone know where to find some good tutorials?


tfp said...

I'd love a wacom tablet. Are they good to use?

an9ie said...

They's da bomb!

(I already replied to tfp on her blog, in case you think I'm being silly :)