Friday, November 17, 2006

Gearing up for the Red Bull Air Race

Looks like the Red Bull Air Race is in town. Apologies for the poor photos, I was driving and had to watch the road. But, who knew that just by sticking the camera out the window I could take better shots than when I'm concentrating?

These were the first things that caught my eye. That, and that the traffic was worse than normal. What's that blue stuff?

Ooh, aircraft hangers!

Unfortunately I didn't see any planes.

I then spotted these guys on the river, doing some promotional thing?

Ooh, pretty flowers!

And then speedboat comes along going "Look at me!"


Anonymous said...

I think the 'things on the river' are bouys or markers that the planes have to fly through - ie they mark out the course the planes need to follow. We are going to see the race on Sunday!! Oh and i'm very impressed by the photos-taken-while-driving!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, me again...
never mind my last post - i've looked at the photos more closely and realised the 'things' are actually wind-surfers or something similar :P