Monday, November 13, 2006

Conversations with my mother

Tonight was Visit Parents Night, also known as "Angie gets enough food to save money on lunches for the week" Night *dance dance*. The programme usually involves:

  • eating enough to feed five small orphans (tonight it was roti paratha, dhal with lentils and potato, and tao chiew fish),
  • talking (about family and the gossip from church - ooh la la) and finally,
  • bringing home enough food to feed the rest of the orphanage.
Sometimes Mums say the darndest things...

Mum: [Talking about a rich lady that she and Dad know] She has a lot of houses.

Me: Really? Was her last husband well-off?

Mum: He used to be a [job description], but I think they bought a lot of property when it was cheap. Her son's got a square-shaped head, like that horror movie guy...the one with the vampire...

Me: Dracula? Shadow of the Vampire?

Mum: No, no! That family! Like the Addams family!

Me: [*Lightbulb above head goes ping!*] Oh, you mean he has a head like Herman Munster?

Yes, that guy. And now he's married [some other lady who goes to the same church]'s daughter. See! So even if you're not that good looking people still want you. In fact none of [some other lady who goes to the same church]'s daughters are pretty at all, but they still have husbands.

Me: Yes, it's a good thing women can join the workforce now and their families don't have to try and sell them off for dowries.

Actually I think this was Mum-talk for "It's what inside that counts," but it did come out sounding like a riddle of the Sphinx instead.