Friday, November 03, 2006

Beard Papa and Puppy! Puppeeeeee!!!

Apologies for the photos in this post, they were taken at night with poor lighting. I had to use the flash, which I hate. When I said to an amateur photographer friend, "Aren' t these great?", thinking about how I had captured the crispy deliciousness of the puffs, he replied "No, they have a shadow!" Boohoo!

I went and paid my sister a very special visit last night (special, because I actually knocked on the door and went inside, instead of waiting in the dark and pelting eggs at her when it's time to put out the bin :)

But before that, I went to the Galleria to get:

Mmm, I was as excited as Savonarola getting ready to burn a witch in a blazing pile of science books.

The puffs were a bit bigger than I expected, so I just bought half a dozen. I was given a loyalty card with three stars already hole-punched in it (you get a star per $4 spent). Three more and I get a free puff! I was the only customer, but this was at 6.20pm. They probably get a crowd after lunch and dinner.

I brought my creamy, puffy booty to my sister's, and she served them on pretty blue and white plates:

My verdict is, if you are into traditional cream puffs, these are very good. Unfortunately I was expecting some kind of Holy Grail of cream puffs (Internet hype + Expectations = Danger! Sorrow! Crushed hopes!), so I was a little disappointed.

Beard Papa's patented combination of pie crust and choux pastry makes it nice and crispy on the outside, and the filling is lovely and creamy and fresh and generous, oh so generous, spilling-out-bountiful-tarty-bar-waitress-generous, but not as sweet as some other blog writers have made it out to be. On the other hand, perhaps I have just killed off all the sweet tastebuds on my tongue through years of abuse.

What I thought they would taste like, well, I actually can't say it here, because the thought has just occurred to me that I could patent MY cream puff shell, and I don't want no dirty corporations stealing the idea off me! Haha!

Now, the egg custard tarts I had in Kyoto (a story for another day), oh baby, mmph, they were gooooooooooooooood. I must dig up photos from our trip to show you all.

Finally we get to the second topic of this post. The other good thing that happened yesterday when I got to my sister's house, apart from stuffing my face with vanilla-scented cream, was this little guy:

His name is Phil, and he's sitting on my knee looking cute (it's very hard to keep puppies still for photos so this was the best of 8 shots I took). What a sweetie! He's a little puff ball right now (heehee - puff), and as he gets older the white stripe on his head will narrow. He still had puppy breath, I love the smell of puppy breath in the morning! Look at his nose, it has little black freckles! Eeeee! Oh, I loves puppies! How I loves them!


Anonymous said...

damn, those egg-tarts were good. Or maybe my taste was slightly influenced by the short skirted scenery. I know something was real good, I blame the egg-custard tarts that I woofed down. I wanted to keep the box, but it was a real wooden box, and it wouldn't fit in my luggage after all the anime toys I bought :(

Keep up the good work with the blogs, thoroughly enjoying reading them - and I like your style :D

- RaZeR

Anonymous said...

awwwww! look at the puppy! i still want a puppy!!! :( he is just the cuteness

Kathry :)

an9ie said...

I was going to add "RaZer liked them so much he bought a dozen!" but I didn't want people to think you were a piggy :)

Yes, they were delicious. I think we looked for them in Tokyo as well and probably ended up eating about 50 between us...

Encouragement! Yay! Makes Angie want to write more blogs!

Kathry, yes, he is a sweetie! But my sister was having frowny problems house-training him :p Yesterday she waited next to him on _her_ chosen patch of grass for an hour, and then when she gave up he scampered off and do his business on _his_ chosen patch of grass. Naughty puppy!

tfp said...

ahhhh well, there was always the danger of beard papa getting overhyped. they are the best eaten right away too - once they've been filled, they get soggier the longer they sit in the box.

an9ie said...


Hmm, it might have made a difference if I'd had them hot from the oven. You know how they make them fresh every 3 hours? Maybe I got the 2 hour 59 minute ones! :P They were still pretty good, I was just surprised no angels flew out of my mouth singing Hallelujah!