Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Annoying comedy contrivance

Am I a very intolerant person? Why yes, yes I am. Now, get back into your corner and listen, chimpy! ;)

A very common comedic technique usually seen in sit-coms (sometimes even the ones I like *shudder*) is the use of repetition in the type of situation I am about to describe below.

An attractive woman with a dream job, an endless wardrobe and hairstylists on tap, meets an equally attractive man who is perfect in every way and puts up with her crap. However, she needs to find something negative about him because she can't believe someone like him, likes someone like her (and let's face it, even we, the audience, are having a lot of trouble believing that someone so wishy-washy, indecisive and klutzy has managed to remain gainfully employed for so long). She usually has some kind of alternative-lifestyle sidekick friend, who is slightly less attractive and all "zany" and "wacky".

Woman making a "big" confession to "zany" friend:
So I Googled him.

"Zany" friend shows how "wacky" she is by using expansive hand gestures and throwing her arms up in the air:

Oh my GAWD, you Googled him?

Woman (sinking onto sofa dramatically):

I Googled him.


You Googled him?

Woman (puts hand over eyes, like weary prima donna):
I Googled him.

Friend (I still can't believe you did that but I shall accept it as gospel since you repeated it twice):
You Googled him.

Friend throws herself onto the sofa as well and they both stare into the distance.

Angie commences explosive vomiting:

I can see the scriptwriter finishing off this scene and saying to himself, "Oh yeah baby, who's your Daddy? Who's your Daddy, huh? That Emmy is so mine!"

In my ideal world, his paroxysms of joy would be cut short because I've snuck up behind him and brained him with a rubber chicken. I would then tar and feather him, and bring him back to consciousness so that I could slap him and scream, "Stop flogging that poor horse! It's dead! Can't you see it's dead?!?"


Juliness said...

Tell it sister! For the amount of money paid to all involved in said sit-coms, the banter shoud be sparkling and witty All The Damn Time.

Besides, who the heck doesn't google everyone they know? I'm not alone here, right?

an9ie said...

Hooray! Someone agrees with me. After I made that post I thought, "Uh-oh, I hope it's not just me over-reacting (as USUAL)" :)

Oh yes, Google has been my home page, for almost as long as I've had the Internet. I Google anything and anyone I can. And Wikipedia is my new BFF too!