Friday, October 06, 2006

Why was it so cheap? WHY?

Ah, scheisse, or celaka, as my mother would say.

While thinking about my brother's story today, I decided to look on the web for some true ghost stories. Now, as I have stated before, I am not a very brave person and watching The Ring deprived me of my sleep for two weeks*.

Even just thinking of that movie made me get up from my chair, walk to the bedroom, and look for my silver crucifix so I could hang it around my neck. Anyway...

Some of those stories were pretty damn scary. So now, I am feeling a little scared myself and pondering the existence of the supernatural. I am wondering to myself, why is it that we got our current place at such a cheap rent? It has large double bedrooms, is located in the good part of a swanky suburb, and has brand new carpet and paint.

And yet, when I first saw it with the agent, she said it had been left empty for 6 months. This was at a time when the other places we looked at went in a couple of weeks and/or had at least two other competitors trying to rent them.

Why, oh why was it so cheap? If I peel back the new plush pile carpet in the lounge room, will I see a giant pool of dried blood? Were the walls freshly painted because they needed to fill in and clean up all the axe marks? Are there toilet snakes hiding in the U-bend?

Ah yes, once again Angie has succeeded in freaking herself out. I think my brain gets bored during the night and likes to think up scary things to make it more interesting. "Man, I'm so bored. Screw this sleep business, I'm gonna keep Angie up aaaaalll night. Woo! She's gonna be so scared that she won't even go to the toilet and her kidneys will explode."

Luckily MFC (previously known as FG) is staying over tonight.

But even then, the brain won't let you feel secure, oh no. Then you start wondering what will happen if your beloved becomes possessed and tries to kill you in your sleep. Yeah, thanks, THANKS A LOT Poltergeist and Exorcist movies! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

If MFC weren't staying over I would probably try to creep into my housemate's bed.

He wouldn't be too crazy about that though, he prefers a sushi roll to a boxed lunch, if you know what I mean :)

* There is no way of escaping if you see flashbacks from the movie every time you close your eyes, apart from never closing your eyes, and that stops working after a few hours...