Wednesday, October 11, 2006

People are so silly

Apparently Mentos has been asked by the Advertising Standards Board to remove an ad which features a man's nipples growing after he tries Mentos gum. He then uses them to "catch frisbees, press lift buttons and even spin discs on a DJ's turntable - while a bevvy* of admiring bikini-clad girls look on."

"As soon as the advert went to air we received a number of complaints about its content, regarding inappropriate sexual references and claims that it was discriminatory to both men and women," ASB chief executive Fiona Jolly said. "The advert is being rushed on to the agenda of the next meeting of the board this week."

WTF? Rushed onto the agenda of the next meeting of the board? Must be a slow week in advertising.

Discriminatory to men and women? How?

Are women being made fun of because we normally use our nipples to multitask? Yes, the secret of womankind is out. Don't stone me, prehensile-nippled sisters!

Sheesh. Let me tell you, if I had an extra pair of appendages to help with the chores, I'd be over the moon. Imagine cooking - one nipple could prop up the recipe book, another could stir, both hands would be free to scratch yourself in two places at once.

So, if not women, are men being made fun of? Is the ad implying that men are so incompetent they need special nipples to help them get girls and do everyday activities? Must be because both hands are already full, with a beer in one and the remote control in the other. Heehee, being sexist is fun :P Yes, I am being silly, please don't write any letters to me about being discriminatory.

People who make complaints like these are just ridiculously petty and have no sense of humour. If you watch this and rather than going "Meh, whatever", actually SIT DOWN and write e-mails or letters to the ASB, I reckon you really need to get a life. Use that time you wasted on making the world a better place: smile, give someone a hug, read a book, plant a fruit tree, donate money to Médecins Sans Frontières. Whatever.

If the nipples were molesting the girls in the ad or using too much electricity or driving a gigantic gas-guzzling four-wheel drive or pouring chemicals into our waterways or wasting good drinking water, then they should be given a stern ticking off (which they might enjoy - heehee). But if they're not hurting anyone, they should be able to have a nice day out on the beach. Even freak mutated nipples need to relax.

*[sic] - should be "bevy" - arrrgh! A spelling error on a national news website! I shall write in a letter of complaint!!! But I'm too lazy :)

Picture and quotes from, referring to an article "What's the point, by gum" in the Courier Mail, 11 October 2006
Article was here, if you're interested.