Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mentos ad/People are so silly - Part 2

Aha - you can actually watch the ad on YouTube. No doubt all the execs at Mentos are tweaking each other's nipples with glee as I write, since this will bring their ad to a much greater audience than planned.

*Ad Spoilers Follow*

Most of the ad is just silly in a juvenile way. It certainly wouldn't make me want to buy Mentos, unless I was an 8 year old boy and thought mutants were cool. Oh alright, they are, (go X-Men!) but I don't think you'd make Professor Xavier's shortlist with those babies.

I also admit to being disappointed that his nipples did not grow much longer, because the length they reached was not very functional. Still, you can hang sunglasses on them if you're not wearing a shirt, or if your outfit doesn't have any pockets.

Now the END did seem a little dodge. The intention, I guess, is to leave your imagination running wild about the orgy that takes place in the lift after the hot chick eats a Mentos.

Oh puh-lease, Mentos, that's not the area that needs lengthening!

And besides, I reckon the woman would have been really pissed off and given the man a hard slap, and possibly the most stinging nipple cripple in the galaxy.

I mean, that sort of thing already happens to women after breast-feeding. Now she'll have to see a plastic surgeon, because no amount of Hollywood tape is going to flatten this wardrobe monstrosity.