Thursday, October 19, 2006

Illustration Friday - Smitten

Birthday: 19th October 2006
Method: MS Paint and Wacom tablet
Comment: I've just finished drawing this to put on a birthday card for someone. And then I remembered the IF theme for this week! Two birds with one stone and in by the skin of my teeth - hooray! Overuse of aphorisms - hooray!
I know it's messy, but it's midnight and I'm just so glad I managed to make something for IF!
I also think it looks better bigger (click on the image to see bigger image), but Blogger likes to make my pictures small to fit the page :(


matt price said...

I like how you used negative space to show a picture. Simplicity is nice to see now and then. Good work with the reflection on the water/ground.

Shebz said...

this is absolutly adorable.. i love the black red and white.. simply lovely.. literally

an9ie said...

Lovely comments! :) Thank you! <3
When I was working this picture, woodcutting actually came to mind, I started on a plain red canvas and just "chipped" away with a white brush.

dex mission said...

i think this would make a nice print :)