Thursday, October 05, 2006

A good listener

I think I must have a listening kind of face. People I've just met, or who don't know me very well, feel quite free to open up to me and tell me very intimate things. And believe me, I do not try to solicit this information, as it makes me rather uncomfortable. Perhaps I just naturally look very sympathetic...

For example, yesterday I went to the dentist for my 4-monthly cleaning (yes, I have a dental hygiene obsession, one day I will blog about it but there isn't enough room here and it's OT), and I asked the hygienist how she was, and if her boyfriend was in town (she'd told me on my last visit that she didn't see a lot of him because he worked offshore).

This led to her telling me about how they had broken up and she'd gone out with some arse while on the rebound (it amazes me how often this happens, but I know that after a breakup, when you're feeling emotional, confused and needy, you're fully capable of making bad judgements).

By the time she got to scraping out the plaque, she was telling me about all the mixed messages he was sending and getting really fired up. At the time my thoughts were "Hmm, this cleaning is hurting a little more than last time... must be eating too much chocolate... Ow, I didn't feel that last time... Hey! Is she taking out her anger on my plaque? Mummeeeeeee!!! I can taste blood!"

Hopefully, the next time I see her she'll be all happy and over the cad. And just to make sure, I will cut down on the chocolate (says the person who had a bite-size Crunchie and Flake after breakfast today), so that there will be fewer reasons for her to linger with sharp tools inside my mouth.

Example 2: when I was learning to drive, my instructor would tell me all his friends' problems, like how his mate's wife didn't enjoy sex anymore and would just lie there like a corpse while he lifted up her nightie and did the deed. I WAS 16, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! AAAAARGH! Pui! Pui!*

I don't mind my friends telling me these things, but when it comes from people I don't know very well a little voice inside my head goes "Make them stop! Aaaah! Boundaries! Boundaries!"

But still I listen, and I don't have the heart to tell them I don't want to. Ah well, it makes for good blogging anyway...

* Chinese spitting noises, in case you didn't know.