Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going insane - I see dead people!

I've had this happen to me on two occasions now. I go to bed as normal, without having seen any scary movies or gone to any scary websites, fall asleep fairly quickly, and then...

...suddenly my eyes pop wide open and I am instantly awake and alert.

It's too dark to see anything, but I'm convinced that if I turn my head, or look behind the bed, I will see a dead woman's face staring back. The first time, I knew, because I saw it in my mind's eye, that the face would be blue and distorted, with bulging yellow eyes. And so I had to turn on the light next to my bed, or lie there petrified all night in the dark. It's a fairly bright light because I use it to read by, so I slept very badly and my eye lids felt like tenderised pork chops in the morning. That was last Thursday.

It happened again on Monday night. First I was asleep, and then I was instantly awake and drenched in sweat. I tossed off the jumper I'd worn to bed and when I lay down again, I was almost certain that if I turned my head I would see someone's dead face staring back at me, except this time it would be the girl from The Exorcist. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

On went the light again. I wanted my Mummy. Once more Angie slept like crapola.

What is wrong with me!?!

Tonight, thank goodness, MFC is staying over because he's going to see Arch Enemy in town. Take that, Exorcist girl!

P.S. I was going to put a picture of the Exorcist girl on this post to illustrate my point about how horrible it would be to think of that image LYING NEXT TO YOU IN BED, but I've decided I don't want that picture anywhere near my blog. Just look up "exorcist" in Google Images Search and you will get pictures galore, even some reclining and looking at you so you can see what I was thinking of. Bleah.

P.P.S. I caught a gimpse of the pictures, because I looked up "exorcist" on Google Image Search to make sure you would have ample eye fodder, and all the hairs on my neck stood up.

P.P.P.S. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mummy!!


Anonymous said...

poor an9ie, I'm sure the visions will stop. Did it look like the morphing blue chick from x-men?

You'll have to tell me what MFC stands for, I know it's not Microsoft Foundation Class, cause he doesn't drink enough beer.

Anonymous said...

oops, above comment is from me, forgot to sign my name.

You might want to avoid watching Aliens ;D

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

I'll PM it to youon the forum :)

Anonymous said...

My Friendly Companion?

My Funny Cousin?

Mad Freaky Carnivore?

Mundane Foolish Clown?

Multi-Function Centre? (markymoo's input :))

I've been trying to work it out for ages :). I personally like the carnivore one :).

<3 Kathry

an9ie said...

Wow, you guys are way more imaginative than me!

I told Razer so he might be kind enough to tell you too, Kathry! ^_^