Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Frugality: new camera

I started a frugal blog a while ago, but it wasn't being updated very regularly due to 1) my lack of frugality and 2) my birthday being just around the corner*. So I've decided to stop writing in that blog and just occasionally post frugal stuff here instead. I mean, unless I win Lotto my interest in frugal living is unlikely to leave anytime soon.

I have been surfing the Net and was thinking about getting this camera, the Pentax Optio M20 from Camera House in Perth. It seems to be the best value in my price range (under AUD$300). I know the Canon Powershot A530 has more optical zoom (4x vs. the M20's 3x), but the Pentax has Blur Reduction in low light settings (which I really need because I hate the flash). It's also a little smaller than the Canon, and supposedly can take about 300 shots on one set of batteries.

Unfortunately it's not just the camera, with all the bits and bobs I need, the total package comes to over $500.

I could probably cut out the warranty, since it's a third of what the camera cost, but even at $439 it's a big chunk out of my savings. Therefore I have decided to wait till we get closer to Christmas. No instant gratification here! Frugality is about being able to wait for the good stuff. And who knows, by then I might see something better and cheaper in the sales, or get over my need to own a camera and be satisfied with borrowing one.

Mind you, it's funny how when you don't have a camera, you start seeing all these things you'd like to take pictures of. For example, the other night I was a little bummed because I couldn't take any shots of a new brownie recipe I tried out.

I was talking to my little bro' about this last night and he came to the rescue - he's lending me his camera for a few weeks, just as he lent me his drawing tablet until I received the giant Wacom Intuos of doom for my birthday. He said he didn't use it very often - the last time was a month ago - so I can have it for a while. What a good brother! ^_^

*A month before my birthday, my brain ODs on the despair of aging** and chooses to blank out the memory of my account balance. It also becomes a mindless cheerleader with catchy chants like "TRY IT ON!", "YOU DESERVE IT!", "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! WOOO!!"

**This year was the big 3-0, so it had a motherload of despair to feed on. Much compensatory shopping followed. Many endangered animals like the microfibre rayon were reduced to rare numbers by its hunger.