Monday, October 02, 2006

DotA Rage - Part 2

Well, I've received some feedback from the last DotA blog, and people seem to think it sounds like I'm having a whinge because I'm a crap player.

This is absolutely the case. I will not deny this at all. Yes, I am having a whinge because I don't enjoy playing against other people, and yes, I am a crap player because I don't play DotA day and night, ignoring basic needs like sunlight and Vitamin C, and cloistering myself in a dark room until the furniture starts to smell like my skin folds :P

I prefer playing in a cooperative group against the AI, and I don't like being with people who act aggressively, swear loudly, and show their temper by hitting things. By the way, I was watching a game the other night, and the person who killed my friend's hero then gloated by typing in "sucker" to the All Chat prompt. I didn't think this was very nice. If you get a kill, you don't have to rub it in, unless you're playing with friends and you're exchanging silly banter that goes back and forth with the word "beeyatch" playing a prominent role. This wasn't done in a funny or friendly way. The other person didn't say hello to anyone or communicate with the other players during the game except for his little "sucker" comment. What an arrogant boob.

Anyway, the kitchen's getting too hot, and so I choose to stay out of it, rather than gritting my teeth and showing how macho I am by receiving third degree burns.

That is all. Now onto fun topics like the Perth Royal Show and the thingy I'm drawing for Illustration Friday, coming soon!