Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bitching (OK, just one more for today)

When I was Thingz getting my surprisingly sweet three-tier cake stand, I lined up behind a couple of ladies who had bought four domed cut glass bowls with matching lids. The kind of thick cut glass that your grandmother had on her coffee table to hold lollies, each one with its own specially crocheted doily.

The ladies in question chose to take each bowl out of its box, unwrap it, and check it for imperfections WHILE AT THE COUNTER, instead of before lining up and paying*. There was only one girl serving. I was next in line. Behind me was a lady who was buying a single pack of serviettes, and behind her was another lady with a vase. Despite the disparity of our purchases, I'm sure we all had the same look of boredom mixed with homicidal thoughts on our faces.

I noticed that there were some windchimes hanging next to the register, and couldn't resist jingling them. As I did this a small devil in me whispered to the lady behind me "Service in Aisle 2!" She smiled and said "Yes, that would be nice," in a soothing voice.

Suddenly another sales girl appeared out of nowhere and took my cake stand off my hands. "Hey, it worked!" I said to the lady behind me excitedly, getting another smile, possibly a little more strained, this time.

I'll bet she was thinking "Aaaah! Mad cranky Asian lady! Just smile and don't make any sudden moves!"

*And by this I mean "furtively doing it while hiding in the darkest shadow of the shelves like normal people would".