Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthday Feast: Garlic Prawns

It was MFC's birthday yesterday so we both took the day off. So relaxing. We went shopping at Westfield Carousel, where I bought a very pretty three-tier cake stand from Thingz (the ultimate tin-te* store, according to my mother). It was only $20 - bargain! And MFC needed a new squash racquet and football so we went to Rebel Sport. He spent ages choosing them while I amused myself with a red tennis ball I found on the floor (like adult crèche, you know?) and then when we got to the counter we found out that the store was going to have a storewide 25% off everything sale on Thursday night! Arrrgh! But I guess the $70 saving should be worth it. Nevertheless, it's very frustrating to get right up to the counter and then find you have to return everything to the shelf. MFC cheered himself up by rationalising that the savings would buy two cartons of beer :p In Angie currency, this would translate to two tops, or a dress from Temt, or a pair of shoes from Novo ;)

For a special birthday dinner we decided to make garlic prawns. MFC helped to peel them, and I cleaned out the guts with a sharp fruit knife and a fork. I'm very glad that I learnt how to do messy things like that from helping my parents in the kitchen. Every kid should learn how to cook, I reckon. Even if they're too young to use the stove they can still make themselves useful by chopping or cleaning vegies and/or meat. It teaches them handy skills and is a nice family bonding experience. (NB. My sister never helped out in the kitchen and to this day gets her husband to peel her prawns for her :)

I also prepared a bowl of warm, almost hot water with lots of salt to rinse out the prawns after cleaning. My dad does this and not only does it clean out the remaining bits of offal from the prawns, it also makes them tender and plump when you cook them.

I fried most of the prawns using this recipe from Exclusively Food and oven-baked the rest (as an experiment) with a recipe from the ABC Backyard Stories recipe collection. The main difference is that the oven recipe doesn't use cream. The oven-baked ones were more tender but we both thought the fried ones with cream (pictured above) were more tasty. The cream also distracts you from the incredible quantity of butter used in the recipe.

I think Exclusively Food is my new favourite website. Look at all the cool recipes! And they're so easy to make! Tonight we're having some friends over for a Blood and Guts dinner (our old housemate is living with a born-again vegetarian) and I plan to try the Garlic Roast Chicken recipe with steamed vegetables.

*I'm not sure about the exact translation from Hokkien, but basically it implies dust-gathering junk that you really don't need :) My Mum says this about pretty much all the stuff I have.

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dex mission said...

cant post the videos. yvonne wants to reshoot some shots and says shes not ready. sorry :(

garlic prawns... this site comes in handy. i need to cook new stuff here. im bored of my dishes. oh, ever tried http://www.epicurious.com ?