Monday, September 25, 2006

A message from the Universe, via Mum

So while I was feeling all sian at work today, and thinking about the subject matter mentioned in the last blog entry, I got a phone call from my Mum, who said, talking about a mutual acquaintance of ours: "I tell you, this [name witheld]. What is she waiting for? Every day wait, wait. Tan hami gutao?* Just go and do it. No one's going to do it for you. Eh, I've got to go. Mai ka e kong**, ah!" and hangs up, leaving me mouthing "Bye Mum" to the mouthpiece like a slapped codfish.

Seriously, my Mum really does call me up on a regular basis, completely out of the blue, to deliver a few sentences of wisdom, and then when she's finished goes "Yah, OK ah? Bye!" and hangs up, leaving me feeling quite bemused. Sometimes she will do this up to four times a day, as if some Oracular being opens up a channel to her at unexpected moments and impels her to pass on their wisdom :)

* This one is a bit hard to translate. It's like "what the heck are you waiting for?" I don't know what a gutao is, although tao means "head".
**"Don't tell her."