Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Frugality: DIY Drawing Tablet Bag

I started a blog at http://frugallady.blogspot.com in June 2006, but wasn't dedicated enough to post to it regularly. I've decided to absorb the posts from this into my current blog instead, and send frugallady out into Blogger world to be recycled.

In my an9ie blog I wrote that someone wonderful had bought me an amazing gift for my birthday, a Wacom Intuos 3 9 x 12. And I love it very much, but hooley dooley it's huge, and unfortunately it doesn't come with a case.

I like to take it to my boyfriend's house on weekends, and so this is a problem since I can't keep carrying it around in a towel-lined carrier bag lined forever.

I did a search for 19" laptop bags on eBay, but the interior storage for the one I was looking at was still too small by a couple of centimetres, and I'm certainly not going to order a special Wacom case from the States = $$$$$

So I did some digging, and I found this website that showed me how to MAKE MY OWN. All you need is high density foam, duct tape and some velcro, or even wetsuit material with wetsuit glue (as an added bonus this will keep your precious laptop or tablet dry in any downpour). Fantastico!

I can even see how the original design can be improved slightly by adding carry straps, and an extra layer of foam at the base to cushion your baby from shock when you rest it on the ground.

I love the Internet :)