Friday, August 11, 2006

A quick thought (sinking boats and being positive)

...while I'm typing up stuff about my birthday party and the trip that Nicky and I took to Margaret River...those are going to be long blogs and I'd like to get them semi-coherent.

Nicky, my fabulous friend from high school who constantly amuses me with her boldness, originality, and twisted sense of humour, says she has several imaginary boats, one of which is the boat for people with annoying accents. This particular boat would have Keira Knightley and Kristin Scott Thomas on it. She then demonstrated their accents with appropriate gestures.

"Can I join in too?" I asked after I picked myself off the floor. "I'll let you have Keira as long as I get to watch."

"Sure, hon!" she replied with enthusiasm, being the generous girl that she is.

I think the prime figure on my boat would be Bjork*, because her voice and fashion sense make me feel like bjeurking, big time. Pick a note and stick to it, lady! Seriously, I was in a friend's car once going to the gym (he really likes Bjeeeeuuurk) and it was the longest 10 minutes of my life. I actually got motion sickness from listening to her. Argh!

HOWEVER, I was reading a cheery little book of optimistic sayings by Louise Hay, and one of them said something like "Instead of being against something, say that you are for something. So, instead of saying that you are against poverty, say that you are for prosperity." See? Positive thinking.

So, instead of being against Bjork, I am all FOR putting her on a boat and scuttling it.

Aah, I feel better already.


*Note that I care so little that I can't even be bothered putting the accent over the "o", even though I'm usually incredibly pedantic about things like that.