Monday, August 21, 2006

Illustration Friday: Match

" he held aloft the sacred torch, the shaman of the pygmy moles wondered what spirit visions he would view this night..."

Birthday: 21st August, 2006.
Method: MS Paint and some filters with Wacom tablet.
Comment: Obviously these are VERY small moles...who live in the desert...and save the matches they find for sacred rituals :)


dex mission said...

lol. this is cute. i like how you used white as a showdow againts the black. nice twist.

as far as my process. sure. as soon as i have something, ill be sure to let you know. it sounds like a really neat project to work on.

i must warn you though...i dont work in any set particular way. i think its mainly because im still trying to figure out exactly what my style/voice is. ive been a graphic designer and web developer for a while now... illustration is new to me. so im still feeling my way around. :)

an9ie said...

Cheers dex. It was done on the fly when I was very tired. My only thought was "I wish I could draw something more intricate, maybe a background...ah bugger it, hurry up so you can go to bed!" I would love to draw like Ximena Maier ( but I figure I'll just keep practising and something will develop by itself :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Benji said...

hehe hiya an9ie!!!
I thought that was cool! I liked the rats too hehe cute.
I was looking at tablets today....oooo so tempting....if I got one I'll totally start drawing some stuff for the friday thing hey. :) nice work, I know what you mean aboot doing a background, but sometimes its not worth the time :P haha...

an9ie said...

Hey Benji! I'm looking for a nice case now so I can carry my tablet around without damaging it. I reckon one of those folio cases would be about the right size. Hope to see you on IF soon!

Jenya said...
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an9ie said...

Hm, you set up word verification for comments and spammers still get you? Or are they paying people now to do it for them? :p