Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Humiliating dream featuring FLORAL PRINTS

What does this tell you about my self-esteem (oh, and also how shallow my subconscious must be)?

I had a terrible dream last night. A lot of it involved walking around my office building trying to find the secret entrance to the section I worked in (I later found it hidden in the back of a tea-room and had to squeeze through all these execs trying to have a meeting).

For some reason I had dressed myself in a long-sleeved top covered with little flowers and a long A-line skirt with big flowers on it. Both articles of clothing were made with stiff upholstery material and I looked like an enormous carpeted windmill.

I think I spent most of the dream hiding my face from passers-by and thinking "How did this happen? How? I don't even like floral prints!"*

When I woke up, the first thing I did was fling open my wardrobe doors to make sure nothing floral was amongst the clothes hangers.

*I have nothing against them, and when used in moderation on furniture, wrapping paper etc I quite like floral prints. But I cannot wear them. Ever.