Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Home food: oyster omelette, tempura with rojak sauce

There's no need for that many words. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Oyster omelette...

...served with chilli sauce...

...followed by shrimp, coriander and chopped chilli fried in batter...

...to be smothered in rojak sauce.

Mum got Little Bro to mix up the preliminaries for the rojak sauce.

- he ko or sambal prawn paste (the jar had a very amusing label, a boy sitting on the world with two giant shrimp on either side. I wanted to keep it but Mum made me put it back in the bin. "There's plenty more in the shop! Just ask them for he ko!")
- assam (dare I gross you out? Well, alright. Little Bro found a hair in a small section of the assam paste. Mum was going "No, no, sometimes they leave fine roots in there from the plant," and then he showed it to her and she conceded that it was, indeed, a human hair.* We threw that section out but used the rest. What? Waste not, want not.)
- brown sugar to taste
- chilli sauce
- blitz peanuts in a food processor and add to the sauce

There is no use asking for measurements. Everything is "to taste".

* In fact, she made a very rude suggestion about where the hair may have originated from.