Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finding a drawing style

I'm trying to find a drawing style.

But at the moment I can't seem to draw cartoon people. What should they look like? Big eyes? Small eyes? Big round cute faces? Stylish small pointy ones?

What about bodies? Little round manga ones? Tall lean cool ones?

I think my brain is too used to making sketches of real-life people and so keeps telling me that the cartoon ones I'm doing are wrong. They certainly do seem to take a lot of effort and that's not right. I don't mean that drawing isn't work, because to be good at something you need to work at it, but it was feeling very contrived, me trying to draw people.

I'm OK with inanimate objects. Just for fun I did a quick sketch of different types of underwear just raining down from the sky. Bloomers, french cut knickers, polka dot bikinis...

But what I really like drawing is animals. I love drawing cows. Cartoony cows with big smiles and bells around their necks. And I adore drawing sausage dogs.

But I don't know if anyone has ever made a living from just drawing dachshunds.

Like I said, this afternoon I struggled with drawing cartoons of people. For an hour I tried different people in different poses and each one seemed like a great effort. I wish I could draw like Ximena Maier from lobstersquad. Her work is so freeflowing and well, everything looks so happy! It's a good example for the best art, I think, like the best music and the best writing, it looks so easy that you think, gee, I can do that too!

After trying to force myself to draw cartoon people, and what's more, cartoon people that I liked looking at, I thought, well now, time for a little fun. So I started sketching the rest of my Dachshund Won't Go series. POW! In about 5 minutes I had drawn numbers 2 to 4.

I'll transfer them to a drawing program and post them as soon as I can :)