Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dachshund Won't Go #1

6th July 2006

I know this looks overworked, like a child using chalk for the first time, slowly and painfully. Quite frankly, that's how I feel sometimes when I use my tablet. I just can't seem to get the same fine control that I have with pencil/pen and paper. Still, it's nice to play.

I also have a very soft spot for dachshunds, and anyone who has had one knows that when they plant those chubby paws on the ground and refuse to move, nothing will make them go! This one isn't too bad though, he's only just seen something and wants to investigate. I think I shall do a whole "Dachshund Won't Go" series showing all the contortions they can use to convert 8kgs of dog into 100kgs of solid rock.


boo_licious said...

Defintely better than my art attempts! Hey, I'm sorry that I don't really know where you can get Nasi Lemak in Perth but try for nasi lemak recipes. Their stuff is usually pretty ok.

an9ie said...

Thanks boo_licious! I shall check out kuali. That's the thing about moving overseas, you're always trying to recreate the taste of your childhood :p