Saturday, July 01, 2006

A-bakering we will go: Muesli cookies

Forgive me Farmgirl, for I have sinned.

My housemate made some delicious Anzac biscuits on Thursday night, and I took one in to work for morning tea, and also to show Em. However, I inhaled it for second breakfast and was just picking the crumbs from my keyboard before I realised what I had done.

Anyway, in the throes of guilt, I told the girls that I would make something similar to bring in to work on Monday morning.

I looked up a recipe for Anzac biscuits on the Internet, and the whole "heat up golden syrup in a saucepan with some bicarb of soda" thing was just too hard - I was in more of a "bake and pour" mood.

So I took the recipe for Farmgirl's Decidedly Different Chocolate Chip Cookies, but instead of chocolate chips, I added a cupful of muesli (Lowan's I think) and a cupful of sultanas. I also overmelted the butter by leaving for too long in the microwave, so that instead of being soft, it was more of a murky oil. The mix was quite dry, and I had to cup and squeeze it in my hands to make it cohere into little flat discs.

I baked them in a 180 degree (Celsius) oven for 15 minutes. They were still soft when I took them out, but they hardened as they cooled. (I hate the way cookies do this. Despite knowing that they're going to harden, you always prod them anyway and start panicking when your finger almost impales one.)

Despite my efforts, they tasted delicious. With a tender crisp shell that melted in your mouth (I love brown sugar in cookies), I'm looking forward to playing with this recipe again, perhaps making chocolate chip cookies for real next time, or nuts, or M&Ms. The mix yielded about 30 medium sized cookies, a great number to keep in the biscuit jar, or to take two-thirds to work and still leave enough at home to last you the weekend.


farmgirl said...

LOL, what good is a recipe if you can't tinker and make it your own? Glad you liked the cookies, despite the murky butter. : ) Your substitutions sound yum--and the cookie looks delish! And thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you made and enjoyed them.

an9ie said...

Thank you Farmgirl! So kind of you to drop by and pay me a visit. I am inspired to bake till I can bake no more!