Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Home food - rice porridge

Here's a staple that my mum whips up with leftover rice and whatever's around. Tonight it was rice porridge with chai poh* omelette**, some carrot, little bits of pork mince - "I put this in last," said Mum, before she nipped outside to snip off some shallots, grown from old onions in pots as a garnish.

To make rice porridge, put cooked leftover rice into a saucepan with at least enough water to cover the rice, and boil until it reaches the consistency you want. Some people like it watery, others like it firm. It's one of those inexact sciences where you play with proportions till you get what you want, a kind of kitchen alchemy.

Adding a little chicken stock to the rice porridge will improve the flavour of the rice, and just before serving, a few drops of sesame oil on top will make it smell divine.

*salted radish, usually comes in packets. Mum says to make sure the contents aren't too dark as this means the chai poh is old.

**To make chai poh omelette, simply rinse the chai poh a couple of times, make sure it's not too wet, and then pan fry with an egg or two.