Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Frugality: Here is my new baby (well, I'll be holding it in 9 months...)

I started a blog at http://frugallady.blogspot.com in June 2006, but wasn't dedicated enough to post to it regularly. I've decided to absorb the posts from this into my current blog instead, and send frugallady out into Blogger world to be recycled.

Here is the camera as shown in the Myer catalogue. I won't be getting it from Myer though as I'll be damned if I get sucked into that 12 months interest free using our 20% interest a month credit card shpiel. I'll probably get it from somewhere good, like a camera specialist.

My plan is to allocate $450 for the camera on the basis that I can get a reduced price at a place like Camera House, $100 for a big big BIG 2GB memory card, and $40 for a battery charger. So at $590 in total, and putting aside savings of $40 per pay, I won't have this baby in my hands for about 7 months. So it'll be a preemie. Mind you, I might be able to have extra savings put away before then, the price could drop, someone might want to give me a CAMERA HOUSE VOUCHER (or just some cash :D) for my birthday and who knows? It could be mine a lot sooner.

Ah, delayed gratification...

...how I hate thee...