Monday, June 26, 2006

Frugality: Canon PowerShot A700 - inconstant woman!

I started a blog at in June 2006, but wasn't dedicated enough to post to it regularly. I've decided to absorb the posts from this into my current blog instead, and send frugallady out into Blogger world to be recycled.

From the latest Camera House catalogue, I bring you... the Canon Powershot A700. After reading through review upon review, it turns out that the Panasonic may have some image quality issues in low light, and has not scored well in comparison to the Canons and Fujis with similar characteristics.

The Frugal Gentleman, to whom I will also refer as the FG from time to time, has been an absolute champ. When I told him I was planning on buying a camera, he insisted on lending me his while I was saving up, so that a) I would have a camera to use, and b) be able to get a feel for what features I wanted so I could make a better choice when the time came to puchase.

It's a Canon Powershot G2, so still a pretty good camera, and I can get used to the Canon menu and layout to see if I like it.

Being a Frugal Lady is much easier with a Frugal Gentleman behind you :)

P.S. Thinking about Internet reviews has spawned another blog, go here to read.