Monday, June 19, 2006

Frugality: The beginning

I started a blog at in June 2006, but wasn't dedicated enough to post to it regularly. I've decided to absorb the posts from this into my current blog instead, and send frugallady out into Blogger world to be recycled.

I know that when some people think of the word "lady", they basically think of nannas. And as lovely as nannas are, that is a shame. I think of ladies as being delightful creatures of any age. What defines them as ladies is that they are strong and graceful, loving and gentle, kind and gracious. I think of Emily Post and Laura Ingalls Wilder, I think of my mother. That is what I would like to be.

It's funny how frugal living is catching on. In part, I think it's due to events such as 911, which certainly made me re-assess what I wanted from my life. More women are choosing to become stay-at-home mums, and certainly living on a single income can (for most Australians) be construed "frugal living".

My main aim in pursuing frugal living is to retire early, to be able to live happily and independently (i.e. without needing to earn a salary) as soon as possible, hopefully before 40.

A large part of frugal living is cost-cutting, but the following is a list of things I will not compromise on:

- my health: I see my dentist and optometrist every six months, and have regular dental cleans and checkups, new glasses and contacts if I need them. I will not "soldier on" if there is something that a simple trip to the doctor will fix. Interestingly though, I believe that as you do live more frugally, that is, spend more money on home-cooked meals, eating good quality whole foods and vegetables and fruit, and fewer expensive processed foods, your health rebounds in return, necessitating fewer trips to the doctor.

- travel: one international trip a year.

- my car: Perth is not one of those cities where you can live quite happily without a car. Alright, let me just qualify that, it's not one of those cities where Angie can live happily without a car. Bus times are spaced far apart, always go far, far away from where you want to get off, and ticket prices don't save you much more than petrol. They also take a very long time. If I had the choice between a 2 hour round trip to work via public transport at $5 a day, or a 15 minute drive, I know which one I would choose.

- my vanity: I need to get those eyebrows groomed once a month!

More to follow when my eyes aren't burning from lack of sleep. I'll be back soon!