Friday, June 23, 2006


A friend who works in an IT Helpdesk role blushingly admitted to me that it was sorta kinda his fault that eBay got blocked at his work. Apparently a manager contacted them and said that a lot of her workers were wasting time watching Big Brother (oh the irony) and one person was running an eBay business from their desk. What the..?

So my friend goes, "Oh, that's easy, just send in a request asking them to cut off access to those web sites for those people."

"I didn't know they'd cut it off for everyone!" he wailed to me.

Obviously that eBay person was out of line. But you must admit, it's another example of slapping an Elastoplast (TM) onto a wound without determining why that person stabbed themselves in the leg in the first place.


You know what I mean, right?

Anyway, it appears to me that the person running the eBay business a) has not enough work to do, b) doesn't like the work they do, or c) feels that the job they are doing doesn't pay enough. All these are issues that should be addressed at performance reviews or at least through informal discussions with their manager.

But no one ever does, do they?