Thursday, February 02, 2006


A very late update, but I'm leaving for Japan on Sunday night. Three weeks holiday: 1st week snowboarding, 2nd week Kyoto, 3rd week Tokyo.

Most of our activities are pre-planned, but people have been making suggestions based on personal interests. It's hard to cater for everyone in a group of 10, but I think we're OK with splitting up and doing whatever. I just bought a Lonely Planet Japanese phrasebook yesterday and am struggling to remember any Japanese from high school. Tried unsuccessfully to say "After school I'm going to my friend's house," sent it to K and then got a gentle correction back that looked NOTHING like what I had written! DOH.

Angie: "Gakoo sugi tomodachi no uchi e ikimasu."
K: "Gakkou no atode yuujin no uchi ni ikimasu."

But thanks to this nifty book I can also say:
"You're only using me for sex."
and "I'm a member of the Communist party."

Some people are keen on seeing Hiroshima, but I'm not sure if I would like to make that sort of pilgrimage. Call it sticking your head in the sand if you like.

There is also talk of seeing a kabuki play. If it's anything like Chinese opera I may have to give that a miss too. Wavy arm gestures + high pitched wailing + crash-ding-crash-ding + drag queens on Gilbert and Sullivan-esque stage but not as fun... Still, I may be pleasantly surprised. Ugh, Chinese opera just looks really really really bad to my banana-fied eyes.

I'm also going to try and see the statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station. Call me sappy, but I'm a sucker for a sad dog story. I <3 Akitas!

I'm also thinking of going to a kendo shop - note that this may be harder than it sounds - to pick up some nice shinai before the Australian Championships. Hard to get 38s here and two of mine are stuffed. In fact I broke one on someone's head sometime in November/December. Ah, good times.

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Anonymous said...


I came across your blog through vivians page, your Japanese is pretty funny, I have also forgotten all my Japanese from the course I did in Uni.

I usually go snow boarding every year with friends at perisher/Threadbo. It would be awesome to go boarding in Japan!