Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Teehee - Weight Watchers recipe cards 1974

Lexie sent these round today, and I was still giggling about them an hour after the e-mail banter had done the rounds. My favourite has to be the bong pond (click on the link in the commentary - "Stop it! Stop staring!").

I love how they put red sauce on something and it suddenly becomes "Mexican" or "Italian".

Lexie is going to fix some love-meals for Muz when she gets home, but first she has to stock up on gelatine, beef stock and dried fish flakes :)

New online comic - Questionable Content

Questionable Content - a new online comic that MFC found. It's quite good. Heh, reminds me of my emo days in high school, moping around with the nerdy drama/muso/lit crowd, plotting revolution, listening to Depeche Mode. What a sad sack. I think my friends and I may have paid for the new wing on Anne Rice's mansion, or at least one of the buttresses... "If you become a vampire, will you come back and make me one too?" Pfffft.