Thursday, September 29, 2005

Smart Car and mummy's boy underpants

If you Google images and type in "smart car", a car with an interesting light blue pattern will appear halfway down the page. (I asked Damon if he'd seen any smart cars [as in the ones made by Daimler-Chrysler] and he found some on Google images.)

So anyway that pattern reminds me of the men's underpants you see in Target. When I see them I usually think "What the hell kind of grown man would buy those?" It's like their mothers have always bought their underwear and they finally move out of home at 40 and they have no idea what to get and keep buying ye old faithfuls.

Well, stop it. I swear those things are on the top 10 "Is your date a loser?" list that sends women running away. Right up there with g-string swimwear and wearing white singlets under see-through shirts. Gentlemen, the only female equivalent that immediately springs to mind is, well, nothing springs to mind. I suppose because as long as there's a naked chick in front of them guys don't care if she's wearing some dead raccoons and a hat made of earwax. Ditto for Speedos. No patterns. Just plain, and in any colour as long as it's black*.

White underwear, unless you're Marky Mark Wahlberg also makes women queasy. Please, unless you're an immaculate gay man who knows about bleach - no white.

Well, that's my rant for the day done.

*5th Oct 2005 - Hmm, in retrospect, that's probably a little harsh. I would like to rephrase that as "any solid dark colour". There, there, you can stop crying now... :)