Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I must get an engagement ring for emergency situations.

Janine has lent me some short-notice bling to wear on my wedding ring finger for the next two days. If necessary, I have concocted an appropriate story about my husband (not sure if I should use Kim or Ryan for this one - their boyfriends won't mind, I'm sure) and Janine can phone my mobile at regular intervals so that I can answer it and go "OK, sweetie, I'll pick Angie Junior up from school today! Mwah mwah. Yes, your boxing gloves and rappeling gear are in the Jeep. Love you! No, love you more! Oh, you naughty boy... tee hee..."

I'm sure Nicky would be chagrined if she could see me, but I am deliberately wearing my "bite me" work outfit today and making sure all cleavage is hidden. At times like these I can see the attraction of the chador.

And if I really need to, I'll ask Carl E to show up in his tightest singlet and say he just dropped in to see his angel-pie before going to kick-boxing class. In those words! I can make him do it! He owes me a favour!