Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I need chocolate

What a delightful morning. First I'm woken by the strange odour of soup at 6.30 (it's not really the kind of thing you want to wake up to at that time of day), then later I smell burning, and the smoke alarm goes off. Someone's forgotten to take the soup off the stove, and I can't find the smoke alarm because it's been fastened to the ceiling fan using a luggage tie.

I park at the train station and start walking to work. It rains at a diagonal angle. 5 minutes into the walk it rains harder and I decide to go back to the car and drive in and pay for parking at work. I turn around and my shoes fill with water. I leave the train station car park and as I drive out the rain stops and the sun comes out.

Having lunch with Susan later. I plan to have an ice-cream the size of my head afterwards. As Jon said last night, it's funny how girls eat bad food when they're feeling bad, and guys eat bad food because they know it's bad and feel bad afterwards.