Wednesday, July 06, 2005


So on Groove (101.7) this morning they were talking about eggs and how you like to have them, and for me that would be (in priority order) 1) half-way between soft-boiled and hard-boiled with a few drops of soy sauce, served in an egg-cup with hot buttered toast 2) fried with a slightly runny yolk and a few drops of soy sauce 3) scrambled with salt and pepper on hot buttered toast 4) in cake.

Hot damn, I love eggs. Although I hate birds. Oh - the irony!

And then I thought of this girl who I went to boarding school with but was a few years above me. Her name was either Fiona or she had a sister called Fiona or her sister's best friend was called Fiona. Anyway, they had to put together projects for some Science fair and what Fiona-or-maybe-that-wasn't-her-name chose to do was the developmental cycle of the chicken in the shell. So she took 21 freshly fertilised chicken eggs*, put them under an incubator, and then every day, cracked an egg open and put the contents into a small jar. This didn't start off too badly, but apparently by day 8 it started to become quite gross, and by day 16 she was peeling off bits of egg off these half-formed embryos *barf* And on the last day the last egg hatched. Awww...

* It just occurred to me that it would be really hard to perform artificial insemination on a chicken, let alone an unfertilised chicken egg. Hee. I'm feeling silly today.


Green said...

That is disgusting. Oh, and your favorite way of having eggs is interesting, kind of complicated, but neat. Mine just would have been scrambled.

an9ie said...

What's complicated? It's all in the presentation :) I checked out your blog today, green. Very thought-provoking.