Thursday, July 14, 2005

Arrested Development/ice-cream

I love how 80s and 90s TV stars are being rediscovered and reinvented. First the ladies (and lovely gay Matt) from Melrose Place in Desperate Housewives, and now Jason Bateman in Arrested Development. And Silver Spoons boy in Scrubs and, is it NYPD Blue? I can't remember and quite frankly can't be arsed looking it up. All we need now is for Scott Baio to join DH and my happiness will be complete.

Doh, now I have the Charles in Charge theme song in my head. I don't know the words, but that is one catchy chorus!

I watched 7 episodes of Arrested Development back-to-back last night and nearly peed myself laughing.

Ice-cream with Susan was very good yesterday. I had a Magnum Ego (yes, the irony) which is vanilla ice-cream dipped in chocolate, covered with caramel and then dipped in chocolate again. Frozen caramel is a bit strange. I can't wait till Nasa invents a way of making caramel runny even though it's frozen between chocolate coating. Hmm, if they added alcohol to the caramel that would probably work. Add alcohol to caramel? Brilliant!

Hang on though, that would mean that the outer layer of chocolate would have nothing to stick to. Damn, think these things through before you say them, Angie!

Now, I was rather traumatised last Friday because two large bits of white chocolate coating dropped from my Cadbury Dream ice-cream onto the carpeted floor, so you can see how having two layers of chocolate dip gave me a nice feeling of security. I also like the new Arnott Tim Tam Cornettos, and anything cookies and cream can do no wrong in my eyes.

You can tell that I'm staying with my parents again, can't you? It's not just the extra eye bags that even miracle SK-II eye film can't soften, and the harassed lemming look and the slight tremor. It's also the inversely proportional weight gain correlating to time spent with parental units and trying to fill my emotional canyon of doom with food. Ching, back me up on this one.

Anyway, talking to Susan is great. Everything suddenly falls into perspective and you can see that things aren't always your fault, and really, as she likes to put it, in 100 years who's going to care anyway?

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