Wednesday, June 22, 2005


My mother said something interesting the other night. She was talking about how a lot of guys are going around sporting that interesting quiff-type hairdo à la David Beckham, except she didn't describe it as such, and used a lot more hand-gestures.

I was getting a little confused when suddenly she said "You know, like Tintin!" "Holy cow!" I thought. "She's hit it on the head. Now that I think about it. They do look like Tintin!" It's funny to think about all these guys walking around thinking they look so cool when they actually resemble a 1920's comic book character who wore short pantaloon pants :)

I also noticed an abundance of these styles amongst the clones at the Llama Bar when I went with the girls + 1 escort/chaperone to Subi a few Saturday nights ago. Funny place, the Llama Bar. You'd see someone and go "Hm, he's alright," and then see someone else and think "Isn't that the same guy, but in a slightly different shirt?" Then you realise you've stepped into an episode of the O.C. - clone city! Definitely no rugged individualists in this group. Then on to the Sapphire Bar. Too much douf-douf music and even more posers. Sigh. How hard is it to find a place in this town where you can: 1) be silly 2) dance to songs you know 3) sing along to songs you know?

And sigh, the boys have learnt a new word and were using it today: bukkake.