Friday, June 03, 2005

Not again...

At a party I dropped a Dorito and then accidentally stepped on it when I bent over to retrieve it. Damn!

When I told Damon he said, "Hey, that was me at the last party!" We come to the conclusion that mortal food cannot withstand our martial arts-enhanced reflexes. (So why wasn't I able to block men cuts from a beginner last night? Dammit!)

Hehe, I was thinking of a friend I ran into in South Perth a few months ago. He was with one of those clone girls that you see at clubs hanging around in pouty packs. Asian fever material. Long Jennifer Aniston hair, perky boobs, beestung lips, heavily plucked eyebrows, very long nails, tight three-quarter jeans, and that permanent pissed off look (or maybe it's the pout, it's very hard for me to tell)... I was mentally rolling my eyes so high that I could see my hypothalamus. "Oh, J, I'm so disappointed in you," was my first thought. So we're standing there catching up on news, and he doesn't even attempt to introduce her, and she doesn't even try to join in the conversation, just stands there poutily and looking kind of pissed off. Hee. I found it all highly amusing.